DesignCON brings together eLearning Designers for three days of connection, learning, and collaborative working-time. 

    Course-Design Laboratory

    Bring a project-in-progress, go home ready to "just add students."

    Hood River, Oregon

    Registration $270


    June 20-23, 2021


  • because educational design



    10min Mini-Sessions

    Don't think "workshop."  Think "workconference."


    Mini-sessions highlighting design techniques are given on the hour, every hour. These are 10 minutes or less (keep it short and sweet, baby), but if the topic interests you in your design project, then stay and explore more with the presenter.


    Intentional Co-Creation

    Shoulder-to-shoulder.  We're better together than we were apart.


    Everyone should practice this phrase: "Hello, neighbor. Will you show me your design process? What are you working on?"



    Once per day, include yourself in someone else's design. Understand what your colleagues are making and include them in your own process.

  • #DCON21

    You're awesome. Let's talk.









  • Hood River, on the Columbia Gorge



    DesignCON ~ $270 Registration

    When, Who, What & Where

    June 20 (Sunday) 4pm Keynote and Welcome, dinner together

    through June 23 Brunch + Departure


    A limited group of online/blended course designers from regional colleges and universities. A similarly limited number of eLearning-oriented teachers from K-12. The open interchange of ideas and design concepts. Each participant coming home with a completed unit or course. Exhilarating.


    Click for info: Vineyardview Conference Venue

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